A night w/Jedidiah & the Glue...



Well i had a busy weekend...
For now i just want to tell you about Friday night @ the Airport Lounge.

Friday night i attended an event hosted by Jedidiah Clothing, The Glue Network, and a local organization called Stand Up for Kids. The event was a benefit for Stand Up for Kids. There was live art, live music, and a lot of cool peoples. I was able to meet Kevin Murry the owner / founder (something like that) of Jedidiah, very cool and seemed to be a very genuine guy. My buddy Nate is a sponsored surfer dude for Jedidiah, i taged along with him and checked out the scene and boy was it “scene”. The airport lounge was one of coolest, trendiest places I had ever been and with airplane flying about 100 feet over head, the ambiance was amazing!

I think the coolest thing was the pieces that were in place that night to support this organization that comes along side of street kids in San Diego. A company like Jedidiah could very easily get caught up in the "big" things and the "big" / visible cause but instead they are investing in a local organization that probably wont stir up lots of press or help them to "expand their influence" (which is typically a sell out way to say promote my brand & my name. They seemed legit, and legitimately wanting to help and push forward a good cause.

Jedidiah is purposely not “Christian” despite there deep roots in the way of Jesus but on this night it seemed to me they were flaunting there connection with Christ by showing the love and support for those in need.

They had some live art going on… a big mural was being painted throughout the night. I really wanted to buy it but the $5000.00 price tag was just outside of my budget, I opted for a t-shirt.
The proceeds of everything went to stand up for kids!

Good times were had!

Shalom is happening in little pieces!