Thoughts from Barnes & Noble…

As I sit in Barnes & Noble my mind is kinda running a mini-marathon, the kind it runs every time I enter a crowded public place with lots of people to watch and not much to do. The full-length marathon comes when I am flying somewhere and find out that I have a 3 hour layover, I always think “let the mind marathon begin”.

My mind marathons consist of lots of people watching and wondering. It consists of spending all to much time trying to control my thoughts; my judgmental, wandering, explicit, indistinguishable thoughts about all thing random and fantastical.

There’s no method or structure to my mind marathon just random mental meanderings.

This time I am sitting here, I just finished reading a few pages (that took me way to long to read) from A.J. Jacobs “The Year of Living Biblically” and I am boarded  so of course I revert to people watching and now writing about it. I have two friends in front of me, Rende and Karl, both doing their own thing and it raining cats and gofers outside.

My primay stain of thought is about how I want to be a better preacher & writer. In the book I’m reading (which is inspiring me to write) Jacobs has just finished talking about the prophets and their amazing preaching / performance art. The power they had was amazing. Obviously their means were great -- they were enable by God and give pretty specific directions from God on what to say. But also their method was pretty powerful. They would act out their message out in very potent and creative ways.  I want to be a better preacher. I want to be more connected with the source and more creative in my method.

I am thinking a slew of other random thoughts as well but I’ll spare you the pain for now.

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