I want to be a writer…

I have pretty much decided that I want to be a writer. There are a few questions I have though;

#1. Do I have the creative talent to succeed in this venture?
#2. Do I have the literary & grammatical skills to make it?
(I got a D in freshman English and had to take it again, hmmm…)
#3. Do I have anything worth saying?
#3b. and (if I have anything worth saying) can I articulate it in a way that will be captivating / will anybody bother reading anything I write?
#4. How much of my time do I want to bend toward writing?
#5. Do I have the determination & discipline to succeed in the writing world?

There are a list of other questions as well, question that have to do with talent, call / vocation, desire, ability, and on and on.

It is at times like this where I wonder if I am scared of failing, scared enough to keep me from trying and scared enough to keep me from succeeding. You see when I (and I think there are a lot of people like me) am scared I only give whatever I am attempting to do half of my efforts, half of my attention, half of my discipline (which is about none) and over all I just end up doing it about half assed (a euphemism well used here but I wonder where it comes from - so don’t mind my reference to the biblical donkey, please).

So yea, fear has a strong tendency to keep me from really putting myself out there and really trying. I think this is a common product of fear, it’s defiantly a result of fear in my life. However, I think in this case I’m just going to do it and see what happens.

So I think I want to be a writer. I have ideas for about 5 books rattling around in my little head, let’s see if I have the courage to put them to paper.

Side note: I am reading a book by A.J. Jacobs (The Year of Living Biblically) and he is a great, witty writer. He also writers for Esquire magazine but the point is, he inspires me. I read his writing and think, “maybe I can do this.” He’s a pro but his writing is not very technical and it doesn’t seem very contrived, he just writes. He writes his thoughts, his feelings, his studies and seemingly whatever comes to mind. I like it! He inspired me in the same way Don Miller inspired me.

I’m gonna be a writer, I’ll keep you posted with my progress.

Peace & Writing