A few days with friends…

Greetings from sunny California.

I find myself loving parts of California and hating parts of California.
One part that I love is the weather… yea, it’s been about 70 degrees the last few days, now it did dip down to 60 today, horrible I know and yes, it is January here to.
Ummm… I like the weather. 

I hate my social life. Mainly because mine is non-existent. The bottom line is that I have found it really hard to connect with any sort of community since I have been out here. There are a lot of variables to my lack of community equation; culture, clicks, relationship(s), traveling and the list could go on. The fact is that I have felt pretty isolated with the exception of one or two friends and therefore I hate the lack I community I have experienced out here. 


But this week will be different. One of my best friends is in town for the week - Sr. Rende Langois. I’m pretty stoked about Rende and his buddy Karl being out here. We should have some good times experiencing some good Southern California life. I’m sure I will post some of our highlights.

1st up on the agenda Rubio’s Fish Tacos for Fish Taco Tuesday -- .99 for the classic fish taco! YES! Followed by Saw IV, yes and yes!

What tomorrow might hold! We shall see.

For now, Peace