A theology of hope…

At church a few Sundays ago a fellow from India came and spoke about the social issues of the India, the caste system and the religious support of these unjust systems.

The man’s name was Joseph Dsouza (check his ministry out at www.josephdsouza.com). He made a passing comment that is pretty obvious but if you were just observing the church (the people we call the church) you would think they don’t know this simple fact or at least they don’t live like they know it.

The statement he made is simple:
“The bible starts in Genesis chapter one…”

You see, often we live like the bible starts in Genesis chapter 3, the heading, “The fall of humanity”. Often we live like this is where it all starts from and where we have to live from, the fall. We don’t live like it all starts in Gen. 1 because if we did we would understand better grace and hope, we would understand a God that desires to draw near and be near rather than a God who is far and makes you / me jump through all these hoops in order for us to draw near to him.

We even begin our “gospel presentation” with, “First; admit you’re a sinner…” We begin at Genesis 3.

When our theology, our thinking of God starts in Genesis chapter one we understand that God desires to draw near and has been doing everything in his power to enable this nearness since the beginning. We also understand in the person of Jesus Christ God has created, once again a way for humanity to be embraced by the love of God, the nearness of God.

This has been something I have heard before. Rob Bell has stated something very similar as well as some other theologians that I have read. It’s a simple theological and practical observation but it is a very profound one as well. For us to have a theology of hope and redemption we need our reading, our thinking to begin in Genesis chapter one, “

“In the beginning God created…”