The observer…

If they had a TV show called “the observer” I could start in it.

The TV show would simply be a man or a woman hanging out themselves in public places — all of which I do, often. Primary content of the show would be this persons commentary on other peoples lives as well as a running commentary on his / her own life as he or she is pulled into personal life memories by the observations of other people. So while the plot is primarily getting to know “the observer” you are also getting to know the people he observes, not knowing weather the thoughts and observation of the moment are accurate or totally fictitious but true or not before the people being observed walk away you, the watcher learn valuable life lesion through the observations of an ordinary man who is a great OBERSERVER!

Did you hear the score as you read that last line? I did, and it sounded fantastic!

They just walked away but I was (a moment ago) observing an Asian man and his son. His son was 3 or 4 I think (I’m bad with age. The little guy was totally into his fruit beverage that is father has bought him at Barnes and Noble. While the son was sitting contently drinking and looking around his father simply watched him, didn’t take his eye off his boy as he sat there with that satisfied and proud grin on his face. There was no doubt that this father loved his son and was proud of every ounce of him as he just sat there, oblivious to the world but so very tuned into his son. It’s times like this that I look forward to having a son. Never having a man look at me that way make me look forward to look at a boy that way. See the best in him, loving him unconditionally and without reserve and looking at him (my boy) in a way that he can hear every bit of my love, pride and acceptance of him. I look forward to that. For now, I am just an observer, sitting at my table alone looking for more people to observe. 


PS: It could be a good show eh’? It would probably have to be balanced with love and action or, translated for out TV culture,  boobs and car bombs, but hey give enough trashy action, which would actually ruin the show, it would make it. Maybe… maybe not.