Premarital drawings...

This drawing is from Andrea (my fiancé) and my premarital class last night.
We were talking about “Leaving & Cleaving”.
(I’ll talk more below)


(click to enlarge image)


Well that's a little my handy art work! You know you love it, don't deny it!

So we were talking about leaving and cleaving last night. The teachers gave us this diagram, kinda looks like a bulls-eye.
The idea is that only your immediate family is in your INNER circle. And your INNER circle is very small. They said that is should ONLY be your immediate family; wife, kids, their kids, etc. While your extended family and close friends; parents, aunts, uncles, etc. should be in the middle circle. This apparently could be a large section of the people in your life. Then moving out, you have the rest of the people in the world, those you know and then finally those you don’t even know.

COMMUNIYT; this made me think about community and how I want to do community and how God wants us to do community. Yea, of course there will  levels of intimacy that are healthy and boundaries that are needs to maintain that. But I just wonder what’s Jesus’ drawing of community would look like? He obviously had people in his inner most circle that weren’t his biological family? He did have levels of intimacy with people but it just seems to look a bit different than what this picture instructs.

I think this picture gives some goods idea, starts an important conversation but I am not sure that it’s dead on (pun on bulls-eye image intended).

So yea, just thinking and would love to know your thoughts.