A Discourse on thinking (about thinking)...

I’m currently re-reading a book by philosopher Martin Heidegger entitled “A Discourse On Thinking”. It’s hard to explain what this book is about but in short I would say… thinking. It’s about thinking, at least it is for me.
(That was a half joke / half-truth… let me explain.)

Yes, it’s about thinking literally. It’s about a lot more than that in content however. It engages the ideas of Being, openness, of releasement; being released from, being released to. It actual content it’s pretty fascinating and worth “thinking” about (pun intended).

But it’s also about thinking for me because it‘s books like this that engages me on an unfamiliar level and that stretch the rubber bands in my brain, and snaps the synapses in new ways. It’s refreshing and hard all at the same time. I feel like as I engage the material, as I engage this later Heideggarian material I am evoked to go to new places, places that I need to go, places I wouldn’t go on my own.

The journey that a book like “Discourse On Thinking” leads me on (in part) is because of the content but a larger part is just because of the freshness and the newness of soil. To bend down and pick up the soil from a place where I have never been or rarely go brings me to life, it grows me in a ways that I could only be grown from with that particular soil in hand. Palm trees don’t grow in downtown Chicago but in California they grow, they grow in abundance. In the same way California is growing me in ways that Nashville and Chicago never could and Martin Heidegger is growing me in ways that Mark, Paul or any other biblical author (maybe) could not and in ways that no other author or poet is growing me at this time in my life.

(does that make sense?)

I really want to grow and I am very glad I “stumbled” upon Heidegger and his discourse. I continue to pray that I would “stumble” upon other people (or they would stumble upon me), people that will help me to grow and push me in ways of discourse and engagement… to till some new soil and grow some new life from these dry bones!

Hear my prayer…