The Choche water project…

Saturday night I was able to help out (a little bit) and attend a benefit concert for the Choche water project. From what I understand, in Choche Ethiopia there is a great need for clean water. So a couple guys from a local church here in California who became aware of the need (yep, real life revolutionaries) decided they wanted to be the answer to some very important prayers, they wanted to bring water to Choche Ethiopia. Through some crazy happenings (which I can’t remember all of the details) these guys felt lead to do this work. My roommate jumped on board and said, “I’ll help you guys, lets do a benefit concert” -- an amazing idea.
(I think the water guys actually came up with the idea for the concert, my roommate just pulled it off for them -- details)

I was able to go to the concert on Saturday.
(best show I have been to in awhile)


Love Lite: AMAZING!!! Probably my favorite band of the evening.
Oceans Above:
We Shot the Moon
This Holiday Life
Reeve Oliver

It really was a great show, my roommate did an amazing job organizing, there was only one hitch in the getty-up… attendance.
This wasn’t the best attended show I have ever been to.

With that said, they still need help!

I would REALLY REALLY encourage you to go to (or the ministry that supports them life time international) and donate a few bucks. I think you can still purchase tickets (even after the event // not sure about that) -- the cash goes toward the project and all that goes with that. At least give some cash… I believe there is a donate button on their myspace… (if not send them an e-mail and say, “HEY! I want to give 5 bucks to the cause.)
I would challenge you do this, to give 5 bucks! Help them out! I want everyone who reads my blog to give 5 bucks… I mean that would be like a whole $20 dollars! Actually I get about 125 hits a week, that’s over $600 bucks! DO IT!!!

I was kinda befuddled (good word eh’). The word on the street is that all the churches that were asked to give or at least to advertise refused. There response was, “We only give and advertise OUR OWN projects.” The Church, doing their own mission and not willing to help anybody else… hmmm… just seems counter intuitive to me. Wouldn’t you want to help EVERYBODY you possibly could? That seems like the better way to live to me!

I want to help, I want to give! I want to change! I want to do!
I want to be the revolution I pray for in the world!

Water for Choche!!!

Help em’ out!