Surfing, beaching, and hanging…

Yesterday was a good California day for sure!

#1. So first I woke up early (not my choice) and went surfing with my buddy Nate. He wanted to get out and catch some morning waves, so he picked me up at 8:00, YES!!! That’s AM, and I know, it’s way to early for a Saturday morning. But it’s is what it is…

But I will tell you what, surfing is HARD! I struggled even paddling out. Me and my huge surfboard trying to make it over the waves, SUCK! And it’s even more frustrating when you have all these other dudes on there little dinky boards just cutting through the water and popping up on their boards, catching any wave they want. I vowed to get up on my board… I have been out a few other times to no avail but I finally had a legit long board and was really to actually surf not just get thrashed by the waves… It didn’t look promising for most our my time on the water but right before we left I actually stood up on that thing (well more kneeled but I was on my feel on the board, surfing). It was “SICK” as all my surfer friends would say. I need to heal up a little before I head out again but I am planning on getting out there and catching some more waves before long for sure!
(PS: I will have picture up soon, Nate brought his water proof camera out and took some sweet picture of me failing miserably on my board. Of course he didn’t get a picture of me standing/kneeling… oh well, next time!)

#2. Beaching… My fiancé Andrea called me not long after I got home and got a shower and asked me if would go the beach with her. I didn’t really want to, I had just showered and certain parts of my body felt like they has been sand papered or something. But I wanted to spent time with her for sure so I said, “of course!” It was a good time just chillen on the beach, soaking up some rays and talking about wedding stuff (our constant conversation these days).

#3. Hanging… I hooked up with my buddy Nate later that night (after showering again of course -- 2 or 3 showers on a Saturday beach day is normal for me) and we just chilled at his house. He showed me all the sweet banana trees and bamboo trees he is growing to plant in his back yard. We (more I than we) attempted to watch some college football but there wasn’t any on the TV -- HOW LAME!!! Nate didn’t really care because he is REALLY California, and people from California don’t really care about sports unless it’s surfing or skateboarding. The just don’t know what they are missing!


But yes, this was a good California Saturday!
I love it!