Relationship & mentors…

I am currently reading a book entitled “The Be-With Factor” by Bo Boshers, so far so good. It’s pretty much about developing mentoring relationship with students in your youth ministry. Something I am very much in tune with Bo about, I think it’s not an option but rather a necessity in our culture and ministries, not just youth ministries either.

I had a sit down coffee chat (without the coffee) with a friend of mine this past week, he passed on the book to me. It was well timed for sure.

The summer has distracted me a bit but up until this summer I was thinking a lot about mentoring and praying that God would put some people in my life that would fulfill the roll of a mentor in my life. I went as far to make a list of 5 people that I would like to have as a mentor and prayed for 3 months (almost straight - pretty consistently for sure) that God might work it out for them to be a mentor to me. It hasn’t panned out so far but I am still praying.

I am also praying that God would put some young men in my life that I could mentor. I have been in quazi mentoring relationships before, nothing super official but these relationships, official or not were always extremely valuable and meaningful.

SO yea, I am excited to finish reading this book and see what kinda mentoring insight Bo might have for me. Not many people can really give you a clear picture of what a mentoring relationships looks like (that might be a good thing) but I am hoping Bo gives me some ideas and insight as I continue to pray for a mentor and seek out these kinds of important, meaningful relationships.

If you have any other good reading material and / or insight on mentorship type relationships I would love to hear from you.

PS: If you have Rob Bell’s e-mail address can you can shoot that to me as well. He’s on my list! 

For now…