On my way home…

Well I am in the Kansas City Airport right now just waiting to hop on my South West flight to Las Vegas then to San Diego where I will then hop in a car with my girl friend and go to our first pre-marital counseling class.

19 days… that is how many day I have been in California over the last 3 months (June, July, August). So needless to say less than 3 weeks home is NOT enough time. The think that makes me the most mad is that I have been paying rent this whole time, SUCK!!!
I guess not being with girlfriend //UPDATE// fiancé is even worse than that but still paying rent for a place you never are sucks!

So yea, I am excited to get home, spent some time in Cali, in my own bed, listening to the waves, cooking dinner for my fiancé, cuddling with my roommate, drinking coffee and Jitter, and so many other things that only California affords me.

YES, I am looking forward to it!

I will get to posting all my million and one thoughts and things soon, but for now I am just thinking about how excited I am to get home!!!  T - minus 6 hours, Cali here I come!