HUGE weekend; smelly guy & rocks… (part #2)

HUGE weekend; smelly guy & rocks… (part #2)

So the whole time I was on that plane (with the smelly guy) I was carry a huge rock (well not to huge) in my bag. That’s right a ROCK! As in a ring to put on my (then) girlfriends finger.

I was really nervous that the ex-ray security guard would see the ring or something on the screen and then say something or call me to the side to search my bad or something (and Andrea was flying with me -- but we were on SouthWest so I had to sit next to the smelly guy -- I hate flying SouthWest, it’s also official) Sooo… as Andrea I were getting in the security line I said; “Let’s race, you go in that FAR line and I will go in that FAR line and we will see who gets through the fastest.” She fell for it. The guy didn’t say anything and there was so full body search but I was nervous anyway.

We got to Nashville safe and sound and on Friday night, August the 17th, on the downtown Nashville walking bridge I asked Andrea Ruth Bailey to be my wife. She replied with 2 words (in this order): “YES… WHAT…” She was SUPER shocked (part of the plan) and SUPER stoked about it. We are both pretty excited about it!

So it's offical, I'm FINALLY getting married!

It (almost) makes sitting next to the smelly guy all worth it!!!

I just found out earlier today that the big day will be on April the 13th 2008, downtown Chicago! Should be good times! It’s been hard finding a place for everything but it’s all locked in and we are super excited!!!

Here is some picture love…
(I got it documented for those who thought I would never do it!)



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So yea, it's offical!