HUGE weekend; smelly guy & rocks…

(a post from 2 weeks ago… I’m finally getting it up)

Well last week I flew to Nashville TN with Andrea Bailey, then my girlfriend. We flew South West, which I am learning to hate (not my favorite airline BY FAR). I got lucky and was able to sit next to a really nice guy, one problem… he smelled HORRIBLE!!!  (those letters need to be bigger so that you understand just how bad he smelled. But he was a nice guy, problem number two… I couldn’t understand A WORD he was saying. I think I made out the fact that he had just come to the US and was going to Orlando on vacation, I think. He kept trying to have conversation with me, which would have been fine if I would have understood anything he was saying, but I couldn’t. At one point I put the book I was reading down (title: Learning to Love; from conflict to lasting love -- Andrea has requested that I read it… it’s actually pretty good.) but I put the book down and was listening to and playing on my computer, next thing I know; tap, tap, tap, “I read?” He was asking if he could read my book, no problem, “yes, of course, here you go.” This is a highly commented on and underlined book with many side comments written by Andrea or myself, I think he read our comments as much as he read the book. For 30 min he would read and then ask me a question, questions that I couldn’t understand of course. But he was a very nice guy… problem trace; did I mention that he smelled! One thing that my new from India really liked to do was stretch… OMG!!! I’m not even lying… he would stretch, putting his hands behing his head and then proceed to just sit like that, it smelled SOOOO bad that I latterly had to cover my nose. I don’t think he ever got hint (which is probably good, for him but not my nose) but he  continued to stretch every 20 to 30 min. Horrible.

But enough of the nice but VERY smelly Indian guy.

(part 2 //THE ROCK// coming soon)