HOME (I live in California)

Well I’ve been home for almost a week and I feel like I have finally caught up on sleep but still feel like I have TONS of work to do. But I guess that’s what you get when leave home base for over a month.

I leave again Thursday (tomorrow -- oh my gosh) for another two and a half weeks. I have 2 weddings and one speaking engagement. But yea, then life settles down. I am looking forward to life settling a little (but I wish it wasn’t going to settle down as much as it will, I have ALL of September off, crazy slow). But Getting back to blogging regularly will be nice and doing LOTS of other things regularly, it’s hard to stay “regular” when your on the road.

But I live in California…  I find myself walking around and saying that out loud, “I live in California”. It’s kinda crazy! For a kid who grew up in Freeport (a.k.a. nowhere) IL I now say “I live in California”. And I live 2 blocks from the beach and yea, that’s my life. I feel like it’s kinda crazy. The last I walked around saying something similar was my freshman year in college, I just couldn’t believe, I was out line “I am going to college.”   California is WAY cooler!

That’s all got.  I’m sure I will write more soon. Maybe give you some summer highlights and some news and notes, LOTS going on these days.

for now…
Grace and peace