A little update action…

Well I haven’t updated my reading or listening pleasures in awhile so I thought I would do that right quick. (or not so quick)


As far as reading going, like usual I am reading a handful of things at the same time. I added 2 new books to the list because they are my main causes for concern (which mean means the 2 books I am trying to read the most but failing miserably at).

#1. Prayer by Richard Foster

Friends, I am only 4 or 5 chapters into it but it’s pretty powerful. I finished reading a book by Philip Yancey on prayer that was really really good and I think this book by Foster turns it up a notch even from that book. Yea, it’s really good. I will give you some more thoughts as I progress in my reading. No guarantee on the time frame of that.

#2. The Original Revolution by John Howard Yoder

One word, WOW. So far it’s also a pretty amazing book. It’s actually a compilation of some of his essays and they are really good. I just finished reading one (that I will need to read again) entitled; Is Christ Truly Lord or also titled Peace Without Eschatology. Stanley Hauerwas says this my be the single most important essay that Yoder ever wrote, which is saying a lot. All I know is that it got me thinking and really challenged me, like Yoder usually does. Yea, so far so amazing.


As far as music goes… It’s been a good music month! I have got to go to a few show and have been listening to some really good tunes. Here are my top 5 most recently love albums.


[Side story before I give you my top 5]

I left my i-pod in


during this most recent road trip so I went to wall-mart and picked up a few CD’s, the first 4 are those CD’s… All good pickups by the way!


#5. The Almost; The drummer from Under Oath put out a solo album and I heard it was really good so I picked it up. I would say it’s a mix between a harder rock and a Jesus Dashboard Confessional, it’s really pretty solid and he does a version of Amazing Grace that is really really good.


#4. The Decemberists; Yea also a really solid little album. Kinda melodic, hooky tunes that are good for a chill day in the car. I dig it!


#3. Matisyahu; It’s doesn’t get much better than a reggae rapping Hasidic Jew, does it? Well maybe it does but Matisyahu is really good and he expresses his faith clearly and creatively in this live album that I have been listening to. Not my typical jam but I really do dig it. Definitely worth the listen!


#2. Peter Bjorn and John; Another catchy, hooky little album. I have heard the song Young Folks and it’s catching little whistle riff on the radio and in department stores but never new who sung it until I randomly picked it up at Best Buy subsequently played the tune repeat about 70ish times. Love the song and really dig the album. I would put it it a singer songwriter, Josh Rouse-ish vein, maybe. Yea, it’s pretty good.


#1. Paper Route; I have been listening to these guys a TON lately, mainly cause I went and saw them live in Nashville and they blew me away so I have haven’t been able to take their CD out of my player. I’ll tell you what, there CD is good but there live show is better then amazing. It really rocked my face off! I was taken back at the show; the live energy, emotion, intensity they exude… it was stellar to say the least. There CD is more chill mellow (unlike there show) but is still super good. It’s kinda electronica-ish with some sweet singer & piano vibes mixed in there. Yea, SUPER SOLID!

And at their live show Darren the dummer from Mute Math Opened. He was decent but super hilarious! He come on stage with a jacket on, no big deal right… Well you know those lights you can buy at Wal-mart that are like a half bubble and you click it down and the light turns on and you click again and the light turns off. Cheap little plastic battery powered light things… Well he have 8 of those stuck to his coat and as he played his melodic (no singing) electronica, techno-ish beats he would click the light on his jacket off and on. It was hilarious… So yea, a really good show for sure!


I have also been listening to William Fitzsimmon some more. He’s amazing, if you haven’t listened to him yet you should, yesterday!


I guess that’s my update.


PS:  there will be another BIG update in the next month or so... Stayed TUNED!!!