0.0 -- A million things to write about…

Well I really do have a million things to write about. I know from time to time I say that but I really mean it this time. Hopefully I will get to a few of those million things in this next week but we’ll see.
[I’m not even home yet.]
I (as we speak / read / type) am in my hometown (born and raised) of Freeport IL // pretzel city USA// I spoke at my church here last Sunday and am officiating a wedding for some good friends of mine this Saturday. Also hitting a family reunion (lots of blogging material there for sure) here in town before I drive to Kansas City Sunday, which is where I will catch a flight back to San Diego / Oceanside on tuesday. So yea, life is busy, BUT I WANT TO BLOG!!! So I shall…

#1 of a million; I already have it written and ready to post!