Ready to do some bloggen...

Ahhh blog, I have miss you so! I have thought about you often and wondered when i would be able to spend time with you and love on you like I one did.

*** OK, enough of the weird love letter to my (not breathing) blog. I thought about going on and on with that little love ditty, hoping it to be funny but after the first sentence it got to weird, even for me! So yea, i will just say, I MISS BLOGGING! I still feel like a nerd every time i say or even use the word "blog" but i sure do miss it! I find more and more that i enjoy expressing myself through writing. Not that i am good (and i am learning just how NOT good i am as i try and write my first book, FREAKEN HARD) but despite my armature writing skills i enjoy it and look forward to getting better.

With all that said, I am ready to get back on the horse, a.k.a. the blog and do some real bloggen.

My summer is winding down, one camp left (upstate New York). I am in Montgomery AL right now (the old homestead) and on my way to New York, with a handful of stops in between. But i do believe i will have some time to blog, so get ready, here comes the blogs!

First up will be an NYC post i have been working on. Probably get that to you tomorrow.

For now, SHALOM!