NYC & a top 5…

For those of you that read and aren’t of the Nazarene persuasion you might thing, “Oh, he went to New York City (NYC), cool but not that cool, what’s the big deal.” Well not exactly that NYC... NYC actually stands for Nazarene Youth Congress and it’s an event that the Church of the Nazarene puts on every for years for their students in USA and Canada. There are global NYC’s as well but I haven’t had the privilege of attending one of those yet.

But yea, NYC was in St. Louis Missouri this year, there was about 10,000 Nazarene high school students at the event, their leaders, ministry directors, some parents and yours truly.

You see, this was a pretty cool experience for me because in 1995 as a freshman in high school I attended NYC in Phoenix Arizona. It was a pretty monumental event in my life. I still remember some of the messages and many of the experiences of that epic week way back when. So it was a pretty cool getting to go back as an adult, speaking and working and interacting on a totally different level. Yea, it was good!

I could write and sweet 10 page thesis on my NYC experience (maybe) but I would rather just give you my top 5 St. Louis NYC experiences, plus a few more…

They will be coming soon! Promise!!!


PS: I am also going to post a few pictures with my top 5 list, so look forward to that as well!