I just woke up…

Well this past week was one of my most taxing weeks of the summer and it’s true, I just woke up from a 3 hours nap. But I guess it almost doesn’t count as a nap if you only got that many hours of sleep the night before… whatever.

But yea, I was in Chicago (got there Wednesday) and drove all over the place in the Chicagoland area (went to Manville for those who know what that is), it was all good and tiring for sure! Then we settled in Friday and Saturday for the Langlois extravaganza. I officiated part of this wedding extravaganza which was good times as well but also extraordinarily tiring. The reception started at 6:30pm Saturday, I stayed for an hour or so and then drove to Nashville TN! (where I currently am waking up from).

I preached at Brentwood Church of the Nazarene bright and early today (Sunday) morning. After 3 hours of sleep, which is a very important detail! But it was good times, it’s my Nashville Church home / family so it was good to be able to share with them some of the things the Lord is teaching me.

And now I am awake after my 3 hours nap!

McDougals tonight meetings tomorrow and driving to St. Louis Tuesday morning for NYC (Nazarene Youth Congress), Should be good times! But I am going to need another nap!