Here they are; NYC TOP 5 LIST...

(starting w/ #5)

#5. Stuck in a Toby mosh pit while making the picture;
-- So I got a call the first night of NYC as I was wondering into the arena for service. A good friend of mine, Cory Stipp called and said, “we got front row seats and there’s room for you, come on down”, so I did. On this opening night they did 2 things, #1 They had a Toby Mac concert to pump up the students. Well being in the first row I got sucked into the ginormous mosh pit that ensued as soon as he started running around and jumping off things. I stood in the middle of the 5000 students that ran down front and started moshing around and thought, “Hmmm, I am in the middle of a Christian mosh pit of high school students that are totally stoked about Toby Mac, hmmm…” So yea, good times. #2. That night they also took a huge pictures of all the peoples at the event, (click - it's a link to the pic) -- but being in the front row my ugly mug is front, center and huge on this immortal picture that was purchased my hundreds of event goes. HA! Good times!
(scroll all the way to the right to see me)

#4. Doing some interviews…
--One of my responsibilities was to interview some of the bands that were coming through NYC. I was able to interview TBR (This Beautiful Republic), a newer Christian rock band that played opening night at NYC in the exhibit hall after service party. I was able to interview Kendall Payne and I was also able to interview Starfield. I did a few other interviews with speakers such at Joy Williams, her husband Nate Yetton and a couple others. Really the whole interviewing things was new to me but very fun and I really liked it, I would be the next… hmmm. Trying to think of someone famous who interviews people but I am at a loss, maybe I won’t be a pro in the interview world, oh well, it was cool for a week.

#3. Getting paid;
-- Yea, I actually got paid this go around. At my last NYC I had to pay, like over a grand!!! I GOT PAID!!! I love it when the rolls reverse like that, it’s weird but cool!

#2. Seeing a million and one people;
-- It’s SUPER tireing but very cool when you see about 750,000 people you know. Ok, maybe just 750 but that’s still a lot of freaken people to see and to talk to. At one point it time I was talking to one girl who I didn’t have a CLUE what her name was but I remembered her face from a camp… I was trying to explain to her my name conundrum when another kids walked by, to whom I said, “I know you!” and he said, “yea, Alaska, last summer!” It proved my point. I can remember a face for 20 years but a name for 20 seconds. Crazy!!! I saw about 2000 faces and knew about 20 names… good times, or something.

#1. Speaking on Revolution;
-- Probably the coolest thing was getting to speak for 5 - 7 hundred students. (that’s my guess, maybe a few more maybe a few less) but I spoke to them and my topic was “A Students Guide to the Revolution” -- it was really fun! That’s my passion, that’s my purpose, that’s what really fires me up, getting to share my heart and insight as I learn what it looks like to be a follower, a revolutionary follower of Jesus. I would rather speak for free then get paid for anything else! I was made for it!!!
So yea, It was awesome! The peeps seemed to dig it. I will be posting some of the teaching material on my CSR site soon! Stay tuned!

I think those are my top 5, there are more but I think that will do for now.

If you went to NYC I would love to know what your top 5 are… Shoot me a response to this post giving me a quick list, I would love to hear.

(my revolutionary friends)