2 weeks down and 5 to go…

So yea, I am in the middle of my camping summer season. In case you didn’t know I speak at camps pretty much all summer. This summer is a slow one and I only have 4 camps and 2 other events.  Usually I have about 10 weeks in a summer booked, good times!

(you can look at my schedule at my website; erikwillits.com)

Well I just finished a camp in Oregon, the ORPAC District Sr. High Camp, it was amazing! We had a fun week but more than that the students really got a hold of the messages and opened up their hearts and minds to what God was trying to say, it was evident! God was moving and we were following. Always an amazing thing to see and be apart of!

My first camp of the summer was SWID (South West Indiana) Jr. High camp. It was also really really solid as well. This is a good summer so far. Right now I am at the eastern Michigan District Jr. High camp. Things are going good so far, the kids are fun, It’s a pretty chill, low program week but the worship band ROCKS and we are having a good time.

I will be posting some pictures of my camps on my flickr, hopefully this week. I will also be doing some more bloggen (I have internet this week) so stay tuned!

Be Peace