We have a winner…

We have a winner of the previous post / contest; Internet ebonics...

I know I said I would post the winner late last week, well I’m a slacker and running a few days late but we do have a winner on the internet ebonics contest I was running last week.

The winner is (drum role -- or something corny like that)

MILK MEDIA -- the dude at Milk Media (I’d don’t really know his name) but he posted some answers and nailed it! So he gets the prize! He might not want it after I tell him what it is but he won non-the less.
(he's got a killer VIRB page, check it out!)

In case you were wondering he will be getting a vintage E Ministries t-shirt, worth at least 50 bucks in any boutique around town, I’m nice so I sell em for 15 bones (you can buy one here…  HERE)

So yea, here are the answers...
Be sure to play next time...

#1. ADAD (another day another dollar)
#2. BCNU (easy one) (Be seein’ you)
#3. BIL (Boss is listening)
#4. BTDTGTTSAWIO  (ha) (Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and wore it out)
#5. CD9 (Code 9: Parents nearby)
#6. MOS (Mom over shoulder)
#7. EG (evil grin)
#8. FWIW (for what it’s worth)
#9. NRN (no response necessary)
#10. WYGOWM (will you go out with me)