Twitter and twitterriffic and GOBS of text messages…

---- twitter

---- twitterriffic

---- the new communication super highway ish thingy mabobber.

I had been hearing a bit about this twitter stuff recently but hadn’t taken the time to really check it out and figure out what it was all about. Then last Tuesday night at my Nashville Bible study Jimmy Smith and Jeremy Cowart started talking about it so I started asking some questions.

Twitter is a software kinda thing that allows you the send periodic message to a list of “friends”. The messages all answer the question; “what are you doing.” It’s a way for friends to stay abreast of what going on. (I used the work abreast! HA!!!) And it's shorter and more concise then a text message, and primarily over the internet although you can get the twits via text message if you chose.

So far I have 8 twitter friends!
TLC being my most recent friend, excited about that!
This isn’t like myspace or VIRB where you just add everybody.
I actually know all these peoples.

Jimmy and Jeremy use this deal a ton so me and a couple others guys decided to try it out. And I’ll admit, I kinda like it. The GOBS of text messages gets a little annoying but you can turn those off or chose not to even get them. Twiftteriffic is a little desktop deal you can download, that I enjoy! I also have a gadget / widget on my VIRB account that posts my twits. I like that as well!

But this all raises a couple questions;

Can you really have community on line? Via technology?
We could talk about online churches and online life's, etc. hmmm… 
Not sure what to think about all that. Are people trading in the real world for the internet? Is that healthy? Is it real?

At the same time my desire to stay connected to people who are far away and that I don’t see often is real and legitimate because of what i do. Paul seemed to do this, partially through text messages, I mean letters.

Can we REALLY have online community? Can online community replace other forms of experiencing community? Is it already doing this for some people and again, is this healthy?

Just curious what you might think about this. But yea, be my twitter friend!

Your on-line and hopefully real life friend.
(if not I would love to actually meet you!!! I really would! Just let me know and i'll be there!)