Thoughts from my reading…

Well I try and do daily readings. These mainly come from “A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants”. These readings are also posted on my community website, under lectionary readings. This is so that you can read along even though you probably don't  ;-)  I also do other reflective readings and miscellaneous reading stuff. Anyway, here are some thoughts from my reading for this day, May 8th.


Psalm 126  -- really good, you should read it!

The part that caught my eye and mind today was;
I will go before you (God talking) and level the mountains, I will break in pieces the doors of bronze and cut through the bars of iron…

I have to many things that are in my way, to many things that keep me locked up and closed in from being fully who God wants me to be and living fully how God wants me to live. I need something, someone to cut through the bars that keep me locked up, to break in pieces the doors that keep me from stepping into open field where I can serve and worship God. And my favorite, I need someone to level the mountains that stand in my way from being who God created me to be!

Check out this quote;

"The God-who-is has always been searching for me. By his choice, his relationship with me is presence, as a call, as a guide; he is not satisfied with speaking to me, or showing things to me, or asking things of me. He does much more.

He is life, and he knows his creature can do nothing without him; he knows his child would die of hunger without bread.

But our bread is God himself, and God gives himself to us as food.

Only eternal life can feed one who is destined for eternal life.

The bread of earth can nourish us only from this finite earth; it can sustain us only as far as the frontier of the Invisible. If we want to penetrate this frontier, the bread from our fields is not sufficient, if we want to march along the roads of the Invisible, we must feed on bread from heaven.

This bread from heaven is God himself. He becomes food to us walking in the Invisible."

For me these two things go together. I need God, “the God-who-is (and) has always been…” to be my life, my guide, my mountain crusher!  I don’t need anything, I need him! That is a truth for this day and all days. One I hope to let soak in and take to heart!