Smiling on a dark day…

Well my friends, I’ll be honest life SUCKS right now. Really just cars and money suck, really cars suck and I have no money… that’s the truth, can I get an AMEN!

But in the middle of all the crap I feel like I am swimming through I am smiling, I am remembering that I have a lot to be thankful for. Life if really good!

So…  I have 2 cars, both are pieces of crap and need hundreds of dollars of work done. Car #1. Makes a big clunking sounds and wouldn’t shift into gear… hmmm. I think my transmission might be going out. SUCK. Car #2. This is the car I keep back in the mid-west for ministry purposes, has a gas leak and needs to be fixed before I get back there in a week. Ahhhh…. 

My stomach feels like I have a 100 pound weight sitting on it but I am kinda sick of that feeling.  I fasted yesterday, praying throughout the day that I would be more hungry for God than I am for anything else. I’m not sure about you but for me in the middle of the “crap” of life I often think, “if I just had money… it would be ok.” Or “if I just had nicer car(s)… like would be easier.” All those things might be true but I want to always remember that my only real satisfaction is in God, that he is the only one who can lift this weight off my belly and clear the sky because there will ALWAYS be another shit storm but I never have to swim through alone! Or something like that.

I feel like the weight is being lift and there are still some major clouds but the sun is shining and I feel an assurance that things will be ok!

So yea, I’m just thinking that I am thankful for life. I have an amazing job, I live in an amazing place and have an amazing girlfriend. Things could be WAY worse!

I am getting really excited about my summer. I am speaking at some great camps, speaking at NYC and helping out with some other things. I am getting to travel to some great places! YEA, I am stoked about my summer!!!
My messages are really coming along and I think God is going to do some amazing things this summer. Can’t wait to be apart of it!

Feeling a little shalom in the middle of a cloudy day…