Ready, set, blog…

Well exactly two weeks ago I posted a blog entitled “buckets full of blogs” and stated that I have a full bucket or more of blogs rattling around in my little head. I was on the road for nearly 3 weeks and just got back to lovely Southern California last week. I have been getting settled in, caught up, and ready to go. Well, ready, set, blog... It’s actually happening, I am going to post all those blogs in my head over the next week or so. So gear up, hunker down, do whatever it is you do but get ready to do some reading cause I gots some blog for you to read.

If you want a sneak peak into some of the upcoming posts just read 3 blogs ago, I posted some titles that will go up this week.

Hope your ready, hope I’m read… the goal is a blog a day for the next week or so. And if I am feeling generous I might give you 2 in a day, oh goody!