Playin around; wordpress, flickr, the works…

Well I am playing around with the idea of getting off of TypePad. It cost me about $15 bones a month and none of you fools are contributing to the cause, via my “tip jar”. J/k, kinda  ;-)

But if I went to Word Press it would be free, or I could pay like 20 bucks A YEAR to get customizable CSS and all that nice jazz. But TypePad lets my post what I’m reading, what I’m listening to and a bunch of other links. Word Press has something called pages? might function the same. I can post photo albums and everything on my TypePad. Hmmm….  It’s a all it one hub!  TypePad looks decent and is VERY functional!!!  But I end up paying… $179.40 a year. That’s a lot of green. I feel like I could pay someone (THE POPE maybe) some cash to design my Word Press blog, set up a flickr for my pics (probably paying $25.00 a year for a pro account), link it to my Word Press and after it was all said and done it would be way cheaper in the long run, just a big hassle in the short run or whatever.


I would love your opinion. You all see whats on my blog, is there a good way to incorporate all that onto a Word Press blog?

What’s my best, most cost effective, solution? 

Any input / comments would be VERY helpful!

Be peace, (part of that means being wise with you moola… I’m trying)