Let’s watch some TV…

Well I have been watching some TV online recently. Watching LOST on ABC.com to figure out all the things that are impossible to figure out form last weeks episode before I watch this weeks episode. And you better believe I will be watching season 3 finale again, soon!

I have also been watching a couple other shows here and there. Like Traveler, I just watched the pilot and I really like it. Looking forward to that coming on. I wanted to watch October Road but I couldn’t get all the episodes on ABC.com, it only goes back like 3 week, bummer.

But that brings me to my point…

Joost & TVlinks.

I found these two site recently, both on-line TV viewing sites. I found Joost awhile ago but couldn’t get in because it’s invite only right now (still in the Beta version). But yesterday I FINALLY got an invite (big thanks to Matt @  pixelspread.com -- he hooked me up with the Joost invite!).  The bummer is I still can’t use it because it’s Intel base Mac only, I’ve got the old power book, no Intel here. So I STILL don’t know if Joost is any good. But I was also reading a blog about Joost and some dude posted this link, tv-links.co.uk -- An obvious UK site that posts about every TV show imaginable. I was trying to watch October Road there (I know, I’m a girly man, I can’t help it) but the links didn’t work. I tried a few other links and they worked so it seems like a legit site I just can’t give you a two thumbs up yet, I’ll have to check it out more.

On-line TV really seems the way to go though, “the way of the future” or something. I just wish it was more reliable and more accessible. If you have any pointers let me know. But check out those sites above and let me know what you think. I would be interested to hear.

Waiting for season 4