Lean in…

Have you ever heard that note that was played just soften enough so that you had to lean in, or that fragrance that you could smell but that was subtle enough that you had to garner another scent, or that texture that was just far enough away from smooth that it beckoned you to run your fingers over it’s landscape one more time.

Beautifully subtle

This is the sign that doesn’t knock you off your chair but calls for a second glance and I think this is how we need to communicate the gospel in our day, in our culture.

Yes there are times to be upfront, even blunt with the gospel but so many people in our culture have been there, done that or at least heard it all before. We need to bring back the beauty that attracts them, the mystery that beckons then in. I wonder if Jesus was doing some of this in the gospel of Mark when he was being so secretive. Was he cultivating a mystery, a texture that people needed to chase down and feel for themselves?

hmmm... Maybe.

My girlfriend has been journeying with a friend of hers (ours) for a while who is spiritually chasing God or being chased my God, depends how you look at it. She is more than seeking, she wants it, spirituality and God, but for some reason it’s just not connecting with her, whether it’s because of her bad experiences, her misconceptions, her respect for other religions or maybe her desire not to lose certain things of life, but whatever it is she is struggling through her journey with spirituality and even Christianity. My girlfriend has been able to walk through this with her, I am a little jealous because I don’t often get these kinds of opportunities, I hang out with church people to much. But anyway, she is doing it, she is really being a spiritual companion and guide. I think she is helping her friend to see that beauty that calls for a double take and to hear that tune that is so catchy but subtle that you can’t help but to lean in and listen harder.

Andrea is helping her to lean in, to hear the love of Jesus that is calling her name. That my friends is exciting, that is the way of Christ in our culture.

It’s a pretty cool thing. You can read some of her perspective on this journey @ her blog; Andrea Bailey -- editor’s musings.

Leaning in