Kudos to Kudos, #222…

I just noticed that I hit 222. I have 222 VIRB friends! How cool is that!

Kudos to Kudos Magazine for being my 222, I haven’t checked them out thoroughly but what I have seen looks pretty cool, you should check em’ out. Let me know if you get to it before i do.

But yea, 222, I thought that was a significant enough number to blog about. And it lended itself to a cool blog title, that’s half the battle of blogging. For those of you nerds out there that blog like i do!

I can’t help it, I still feel like a nerd every time I say; “yea, I blog”.

OH well,  here’s to blogging!


PS: for all my typepad readers who might not know what VIRB is, it's like myspace, a social networking website but WAY WAY Cooler! WAY WAY less trashy! (Which is awesome for us fellas!) And WAY more functional, cleaner design, user friendly and all the other things that make it better.

I'm sure i'll post more VIRB related blogs soon! 
I have a new VIRB custom profile on the way! Can't wait!!!