Internet Ebonics…

As I continue to live half of my life in a virtual world; e-mail(s) -- multiple accounts, twitter, iChat, VIRB, myspace, 3 or 4 blogs (depending how you count em’), Website #1, Website #2, iGoogle, ESPN (of course), and the countless other websites I check out pretty much daily.

As I live in this other world I am starting to feel like it’s a country of it’s own, with it’s own currency and it’s own language. And no, I’m not talking about Second Life, I haven’t ventured into that world yet.

But the Internet language, I like to call it Internet Ebonics (it’s a clever-er title) has started to rub off on me. I notice myself making little smiley faces,  ;-) or sad faces,  ;-(    the occasional  J/K, and every once in awhile I will even do a LOL. Every time I do that, I want to take it back immediately, with every ounce of my being, but a word typed is a word… spoken?

But the more I talk to people the more I learn this curious language, these internet ebonics.


LOL    -- Laugh out Loud
J/K    -- Just kidding
BRB    -- Be right back
BTW    -- By the way
GAL    -- Get a life
G2G    -- Got to go
XOXO    -- Hugs and kisses
various smiley faces, I’ll let you imagine,  or shoot me your own variation.

Those are a list of the one’s I know. Here are some I found…
The person who posts a comment with the meaning of these slang / acronym / internet ebonics terms and gets them all right wins a prize, a serious prize! Worth dollars signs in the double digits $$.$$   ;-p  PROMISE!!!

(these are all from the AIM Acronym Dictionary: it’s the official dictionary of internet ebonics, I just found it a minute ago, SO FUNNY!)
Don’t look ahead you cheaters!

BCNU (easy one)

Those are 10 of my favorites. Let me know if you can guess what all those mean. If you guess WOC (with out cheating) you will win a price, a very valuable prize! $$.$$
I will check comment responses over the next week and post the winner some time late next week.

Gotta love ya some internet ebonics! AND PRIZES!!!

PS: If i get enough comments / entries to with the amazing prize i might give it to the person who gets the most right answers. But if it's only out of 2 people, no deal.

Shalom (no short cut to that!!!)