HOPE… (live hope, give hope)

The idea of hope, a story of hope… nothing stirs my person quite like hope. Every time I hear a story of the hopeless given hope I am sent spiraling into contemplation. I think; how can I give hope, I can I hope myself, how can I be apart of a movement that hopes in the middle of despair.

You see, we all to often live life trying to figure out how to deal with what we got. We see our circumstances and our world and think; “what can I do with this.” This despair disables us from realizing that another world is possible, another reality can be birthed out of our present.

Hope is the idea that I can see a future that is better than my present. I do not have to be limited by my present but can live in a way that will cultivate a better, hope-filled, different tomorrow.

GOD I want to live like that!

How often do we say “I can’t” or how often do we make a list of things in our heads that we wish for, only to come to the realization that those things will never happen so we soon forget about them and live out our present reality, just “dealing” with it.



Ok, I just watched a semi-cheesy movie, Freedom Writers. It was based off of a true story of a teacher who gives hope to a class full of students. Theses students, at best, despair because their world is so jacked up. It’s a story of hope, it’s a story of how a story can empower and enable, how a story can give hope.

I’m a sucker for a feel-good, hope-filled movie. I admit, I really like this one.

Check out this link and find out more about the real Freedom Writers and what they are all about.
I havne't checked it out much but it seems really cool. Something worth getting involved in if you can.

So yea, just thinking about hope and how I want live hope and give hope.
It’s a little overwhelming but exciting!