Guess em right, WIN a prize…

I declared a contest on my blog last night. It was late but I’m sticking to it!

The contest has to do with the previous post. There is a list of acronyms  / Internet Ebonics that you might or might not use as you live a good chunk of your life on-line.

There are 10 of my favorites listed. If you can guess the definitions to all of them you will win a prize! A serious prize! If you guess WOC (with out cheating) you will win this price, this very valuable prize! $$.$$

I will check comment responses over the next week and post the winner some time late next week, Thursday / Friday most likely. 

I have also decided If i get enough comments / entries to win this amazing prize i might give it to the person who gets the most right answers. I’m thinking like 30 + entries (I’m  probably safe with that limit -- but I would love to be wrong).  But if it's only out of 2 people, no deal. But if one of those 2 people gets them all right, it’s still prize city for them!


Be Peace