Free… Baseball and sunburn

Well I had a great weekend! Kinda my first weekend back in Cali! I have spent the last few days trying to get caught up on all my crap since I have been gone almost 3 weeks. I think I’m caught up, now I just need to get in a rhythm and start getting ready for my summer. I’m stoked about that (my summer) but I’ll blog about that later, right now… my stellar weekend!

First, there was Saturday (Friday was kinda lame so I won’t count that), Saturday I walked down to the beach from my place, it was a great little 2, 3 block walk and a beautiful sunny day! I sat on a bench and read a bit and also watched some moron feed the squirrels. It was entertaining until I felt like I could get attacked any moment by a hoard of ravenous little rodents. The longer I sat still the more comfortable the squirrels got -- just to note, there were probably about 100 or more squirrels in the area I was sitting in -- no, I’m not exaggerating -- they began to crawl up on my table and I had to shoo them away. One time I look up and there was a squirrel on the same bench as me, about a foot away, I could have reached out and touched him / grabbed him / tossed him in the ocean. Cute right, WRONG! I didn’t know he was there so when I caught sight of him out of the corner of my eye, I looked over and was so startled that I jumped back and frantically waved my book at this stupid little rodent. The guy feeding them laughed, I have names for him but I’ll save em’.

Later on Saturday I went wake boarding with my buddy Nate and my roommate Jeremy. It was good times. I was a beginner (1st timer) but I got up right away and despite not really being able to turn did ok if I do say so myself. I am horribly sore and was fairly sunburned from this adventure but it was good times for sure!

I had sushi with Andrea for dinner and then got coffee later that night with the boys! It was a great Saturday in California.

Then there was Sunday.

I have been going to Las Flores Church of the Nazarene on Sunday morning but this Sunday I skipped. Some might say I was off to a good start others might call me a pagan, oh well. But this was a Sunday for baseball. I am trying to get to all of the major league baseball stadiums, both of the LA teams are on my “to do” list and it just so happened that this Sunday the LA / Anaheim Angels were playing my Chicago White Sox, oh yea!!! So Andrea and I packed up and headed to LA. It was only about a hour drive maybe a little less and we were there. It’s a great stadium (I’ll post some pictures for you, they’ll be below). But here’s the real cool part. We didn’t have tickets so we just decided to get them at the gate, baseball games never sell out right? But as we were walking to the gate some old guy and his young girlfriend walked up to Andrea and I with 2 tickets in hand. I was getting ready to wave him off, “no sir we do not want to buy your over priced, illegal tickets” but before I could say that the man said, “are you guys from Chicago” so we told him that we were and he proceeded to tell us that he was holding the best tickets in the house in his left hand. I again was going to say no, we don’t want to buy them when he reached out his hand and said, “here you go, they really are the best seats in the house, we’ll see ya up there.”  WHAT! This guy just gave us each $50 + dollar tickets, third base line, club level, front row!!! Honestly, they might have been the best seats in the house. If you don’t know, club level is where they have people come up to you and take your order, you never have to get out of your seat, you never miss a play of the game. You pay em’ they bring you food! Novel concept, It’s amazing. We had amazing seat (I’ll post my quazi picture of that as well.)

It was a great game, the Sox won in 10! A home run sealed the deal in the 7th! Great baseball!!! And it was free! So good! But more free sunburn at the game as well, i'll take it!
We even got back in time to go to church. We have been going to North Coast Calvary Chapel on Sunday nights. Good stuff. A European guys spoke, it was good.

Over all an amazing weekend! One of my best in California to date!

Until next weekend, Peace

PS: Get ready, it all starts tomorrow!