Beauty can make you nervous...

I am reading a book by Alexander Schmemann. He is an Orthodox priest and the book is very practical and extremely good! The current chapter is on “the mystery of love” (marriage) and I am probably paying extra close attention (and taking a few notes) because I am officiating two weddings this summer.
YES, I am nervous!!!

This quote hit me as extraordinary!


“In movies and magazines the “icon” of marriage is always a youthful couple. But once, in the light and warmth of an autumn afternoon, this writer saw on the bench of a public square, in a poor Parisian suburb, an old and poor couple. They were sitting hand in hand, in silence, enjoying the pale light, the last warmth of the season. In silence: all words had been said, all passion exhausted, all storms at peace. The whole life was behind — yet all of it was now present, in this silence, in this light, in this warmth, in this silent unity of hands. Present — and ready for eternity, ripe for joy. This to me remains the vision of marriage, of it heavenly beauty.”

-- Alexander Schmemann For the Life of the World; talking about “the mystery of Love”

Be Peace, Be Love