Sun to snow…

And a perfect spring day…

Well I am in the lovely town of Kewanee IL this week, preaching an old fashion but new styled church revival. It’s good times. But I got here and it was snowing! What’s up with that. I come from 70’s and 80’s in California and expect to come to 60’s and beautiful crisp spring April days in Illinois, right? WRONG! It was freaking snowing. I woke up the first morning back in IL and it was snowing, my car was covered.

NOT the happy greeting I was hoping for.

But today it much better. It has warmed up and it’s a beautiful spring day. A little cool in the air but sunny with a crisp breeze blowing about. It’s the kind of weather that sings a little tune for the flowers to start to come up out of hiding. Some of my favorite times of the year.

Well these are good days, taking big breaths, not thinking about how hard life can be.