John Legend...

I’m a pretty big John Legend fan. He has some pretty scandalous songs but I dig his tunes and i hear he was a choir director before he hit it big, hmmm. My girlfriend (being the amazing girlfriend she is) got me a ticket to the John Legend concert Wednesday night (I do have to pay her back -- she’s still a good girlfriend  ;-) 

The concert was solid, not the best show I have ever been to but the venue was very cool and the view was beautiful (in more ways than one, wink wink) -- (it was outside San Diego and my girlfriend was there hence the wink wink incase you didn’t get it.)

It was only the second night of their tour and I kinda felt like they didn’t have all their crap together, like that didn’t practice enough. They did a “remix” of one of the song, it was week to say the least. It was pretty much like the rest of the guys didn’t know the song so just the base player and drummer jammed out with John singing. Hmmm… 

But oh well, it was fun! Corinne Bailey Rae open and sung a song with John, she is really good. She looks 15 but she has a great voice and a sweet British accent.

Here are a couple picture from the nice; ENJOY!!!