Buckets full of blogs...

Well I have a handful of blog to get up here but it’s really hard to write when you are on the road, when you are driving hundreds of miles seemingly everyday.

This trip has been a busy one. It will last 2 ½ weeks, I will cover 5 (really more) cities.
Kansas City (KS), Kewanee (IL), Freeport (IL), Bloomington (IL), Nashville (TN), St. Louis (MO)… the list is really is a little longer but why add in Lenexa, Roxana, Brentwood, Olathe, bla ville & nobody town, the main stops will do.

Anyway, it’s a busy trip and I look forward to catching up on my blog. I have some stuff I anxious to get up here.

(I am leery to give you a preview post list cause I always fail in actually posting everything i list (i've done it before) but here it is anyway)

*Preaching under conviction
*Innovation, creativity & finding that itch
*The coolest places in the world; WOW

And many more…

Stay tuned


PS: I will get back to the lovely Oceanside Califonia, the place i call home, May 1st. I might try and blog before that but that will be the real launch date! Oh yea!!!