Brian McLaren as a bar of soap…

Well Sunday I went to Central Church of the Nazarene in Lenexa KS. It was Palm Sunday and the service was really good. At the climax of the service everybody was handed a palm branch and as we sang the final song we all waved them about and remembered Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on his way to the cross and then an empty tomb.
(I will have some pictures posted soon on my photo blog of our palm branch waving party.)

I don’t know if you have ever thought about it but the empty tomb is REALLY REALLY exciting! If you think about the story, the context… the whole deal of the empty tomb is truly AWEsome!!!

So yea, it was a good Sunday service and as Resurrection Sunday approaches I am sure that I will share more of my thoughts on that.

But Brian McLaren…

I went to Sunday school for the first time in awhile. I sat in on a college class that was talking about hell and some different perspectives of the topic. One of the questions that came up was “what does Brian McLaren believe about hell? Because a lot of my friends who read him and like him don’t believe in hell anymore.” Maybe a leading question but hey, no question is a bad question if it’s really a question, right. (I don’t really think that’s true but my teachers always said it) The Teacher in this call thought for a minute and then said, “Brian McLaren is kinda like a bar of soap, the minute you think you have  a hold of him and what he thinks he slips away and the tighter you grasp the more slippery he gets.”

Honestly, I thought it was a great analogy and fairly accurate. He then went on to semi-pin McLaren down saying that he would probably lean toward the universalist side of the hell discussion, meaning that he probably doesn’t think anyone goes to hell.

I am a big Brian McLaren fan and kinda appreciate the fact that he is like a bar of soap. I am also not so sure that he would lean toward a universalist view of heaven and hell. But yea, I thought that was a funny conversation.

For me hell is beside the point… so what the hell… that’s what I say. I think Jesus didn’t come teaching primarily about heaven and hell but taught primarily how to live NOW!!! And if you really ask Brian McLaren, Rob Bell or any of those other guys I think they would agree with me and probably slip right out of your hand the minute you tried to figure out what they think about hell as eternal punishment. I think I might like that.

So yea, have a good holy week…
I can’t wait for Sunday!!!

Shalom (NOW)