A couple posts for the day…

I have a couple posts that I have been needing to write so I declare today: A BLOG DAY!!!

I am going to be making up for lost time and posting a few things that I have been meaning to post, so enjoy!

#1. First class & the train ride home…

This past trip I flew with Frontier airlines; A whole different animal (i like that). I was treated like I was first class, gotta love it! I’ve never really flown first class, actually I don’t think I have ever flown on a plane that has a first class section. One day I will have to do that! But with Frontier I am an “ascent” member. This pretty much mean I have spent a lot of money and flown many miles with them. Last year was a busy year! But because of this status I get some perks, gotta love perks.

You know those long twisty lines that you wait in to get your boarding pass?

{sub note: I think lines are a government conspiracy to keep the people timid and under control. If we wait in enough lines or get stuck in enough traffic we finally just except it, the grind us down until was we are timid little line waiters. The government or as I like to say, “the man” keeps his figurative finger on the people by making us wait in lines all over the world. CONSPIRCAY? I think so!}

But anyway, I don’t have to wait in those line with Frontier because of my accent status! I get to go into another line (hmmm) where there is little to no waiting. It’s great. Also the security checkpoint line that often is forever long, I get to skip that as well. I love it, it’s like I am finally first class or something.

I also took the coaster home for the first time. My apartment is like a block away from the train station in Oceanside so I decided to figure out how to take the coaster (that’s like the commuter train in California) home from the airport. It was super easy, cheap ($7.75) and it has a great view. I think I might do it more often!

Shalom (which includes the abolishment of lines)