Top 5 links...

OK, here are my top 5 links.
When i say "my" i really mean my. I figure if i am going to spend half of my life in a "virtual world" i need to let you all know where all i'm at.

Sooooo, here you are...
Enjoy, or something.


a site for Erik Willits ministries; read my bio, check out my schedule, and hear what people are saying.

Erik Willits
a blog for my random thoughts, cultural comentary and an outlet to share what i'm learning.
(since your reading this you probably got this one down though, eh')
An on-line community... (you & your friends; talk, read, learn, GROW!)
A networking website where you can be my friend and learn more than you would ever want to know; my music, my books, my interests, what color my... well not that but about everything else.
Same thing as Virb but not nearly as cool.
LOTS of people do myspace, SO so do i...
(i actually have 2 myspace accounts, one is for ministry and will hopefully have sermons clips up sooner or later) /Ministry

Those are the top 5 link that you should check out.
here are a few more that i am involved in...

Other links of interest:
Erik's photo blog


As i think of more i will let you know.