Solid tunes...

I feel like i am listening to some stellar music these days.
I guess I am just really enjoying the tunes so i thought i would share...

[Top 5 most listened to tunes -- in the past week or so -- according to i-tunes]
(in no particular order)

*** The Sailor Sequence

These guys are Indie / Electronica / Folk. They are REALLY good, i dig the tunes. And it helps that Nathan is a friend of mine.
PS: they are doing this new band thing for The Cornerstone music fest, you should vote for them… I DID!!!

*** William Fitzsimmons
This guys is totally chill, i mentioned him earlier this week cause i went to one of his shows. But he is a must listen to! I mean Zack Braff was at his show, he’s gotta be good, right?!?!

*** David Mead
His CD Indiana is great! Songs like Indiana & Buckets of Girls necessitate and repeat listen for shizzle!

*** Derek Webb
It's always the right time for some Derek Webb. He proclaims truth through music like no other. Each song is like listening to a sermon you needed to hear. Go listen right now! He's a musical prophet!

*** The Daylights
I haven't been listening to these guys as much lately. We had a month, me and the Daylights, where we hung out EVER day, i.e. i listened to them non-stop.  They are U2ish and worth the listen for sure. My guess is if you haven't already heard of them you will in the next year or so. They are in the studio right now from what i hear and my guess is their album will BLOW UP!!! You heard it here!

Well that’s my top five, check em out and give em some love!
Tell Erik sent you!


PS: I would be up for some recommendations...