Rob Bell & Jacob…

Subtitle: Rob is stealing my material…

So, last year I was asked to come back and speak at an event in Chicago. I spoke at this event (Primetime) last year and it went really well, I guess they agreed so they asked me to come back. The theme was “2.0 Upgrade” and we were going to continue the idea of finding our identity in God which was the theme last year, the idea of identity.

I have been reading and studying the Torah so when it came time to start preparing I decided to use some of the Torah reading that I had been doing, so all my messages came (the main text at least) from Genesis and Exodus, it was where I was at.

For the retreat I decide to focus on a few biblical characters; Abraham, Jacob, Moses and then the fourth message would be about my journey of identity and finding myself as God own. So I have been preaching these messages in one form or another since January 5th at the CCD lock-in. Good times!

(which will tie in...)

I am at Primetime Sr. High and Lisa (Lisa Lance from Living Lord Lutheran Church -- lots O’ L’s -- fun to say!) But Lisa LLLL tells me that her husband is going to hear Rob Bell speak in Chicago on Friday night, a book release tour I guess. I think “Sweet! Wish I could be there!” So he goes, I hear good things as I have been hearing about the book. But Sunday Lisa LLLL comes up to me and asks me if I have read any of Rob’s new book Sex God. I respond, “no, I wish! I am looking forward to reading it though,” cause I am! She proceeds to tell me that her husband figured that I had gotten a hold of a pre-release copy or something because my message on Saturday was right from Rob’s intro. I guess he talks about Jacob and his identity issues and his final fight with God where he comes to terms and answers God, “My name is Jacob”. I guess Rob goes into this idea in his book.

And I say, it was mine first! You think I can get some royalties or something!
Rob Bell is stealing my material!  ;-)

But it’s funny when I think about it, I was at Mars Hill (his church) in mid - late January for a conference and he tossed out this idea of Jacob and his identity issues real briefly. I leaned over to my buddy Jeremy and said, “that’s cool, that’s what I am preaching through right now.” I didn’t really think much more about it until now. Now everybody is going to think I am preaching Rob Bell messages. It’s tempting because he is so stinking good but I promise, I only preach my own ideas and study, for good or for bad, it’s all original.

Then again, what is really “original”? I read sources, hear ideas, and see things that inspire. Really it’s all the bible, if you’re really preaching at least. So is anyone original? I guess some people communicate better than others and some communicate in more innovative and original ways (which is my aim) but really it’s it all the same source and therefore the same message? I think???

So yea, I’m still going to claim that Rob Bell is stealing my stuff. (like he needs to) but it’s funny! And at the same time very affirming! I’m not a heretic after all!

Well I need to gather my thoughts, I am sharing my ideas on the life of Jacob tonight for the students at Las Flores Church of the Nazarene / sovereign ministries. Should be good times!