LA & famous people…

Subtitle: William Fitzsimmons is a stud...

Well, I went to LA Monday night, it was cool. To be honest my opinion of LA until Monday was not very high, it’s still not amazing but I need to hang out there a bit more. But I was there Monday to see my play at the Hotel Café. The Hotel Café is a really cool little venue with not enough seating, normal, right. For you that know Nashville I would probably compare it with a 3rd & Lindsay or 12th & Porter vibe but smaller. Good times.

William Fitzsimmons on the other hand was amazing! I don’t think this guy is very well know but a couple of my friend here in Cali have been telling me about him everyday so I decided to go to the show with them. It was WELL worth it, he’s low key but great. You must check his stuff out for sure!!!

And it was LA so course there were famous people there right? Well the show was little little, 30 people or so. I didn’t really expect to see anyone there, didn’t really even think about it. But low and behold Zack, Josh, Carey, and a few others were there. Yea we hung out! I didn’t talk to them but I watched the show with them sitting about 5 feet from me, that counts right?

Oh and in case you were wondering; Zack Braff, Josh Radin (another really good musician), Carey Brothers (solid music) and another guy from those Zack Braff Movie, I don’t know his name. But these were the guys, we all hung out! It was good times. NO big deal!!!   ;-)

Be Peace  -- and check out William Fitzsimmon!!!