Hanging with the Rabbi…

I went to a deal Wednesday night at North Coast Calvary Chapel, it’s the church my girl friend has been going to here in California. We go on Sunday nights, it’s a low key, laid back service. What you would expect from a California church I guess. Unless you imagine “liberal” (who even knows what that means), crazy, non-bible believen, hippy kinda church when you hear California and church in the same breath. I think many bible belt people think that. Well this is a Calvary Chapel, they preach verse by verse and have pretty solid doctrines from what I know. The pastor / teaching pastor is Mark Forman. His sons are in the band Switchfoot. He a solid teacher / pastor. Really nice guy for sure!

Anyway, I went to this Wednesday night class deal on “Learning the importance of the Old Testament”. This past Wednesday a Rabbi (Larry Feldman) was teaching and I thought, “SOLID, this should be very cool.” The guy is a Messianic Jew who is the Rabbi for a congregation (they call it congregation not church -- not sure why but the Rabbi kinda snapped at a guy who called it a church, hmmm) in Irvine CA (shuvah yisrael), just up the road. He was decent, had a lot of knowledge and some good things to say.

The whole class was about knowing verses in the Old Testament that point to the Messiah so that we can use our Bibles as ammunition against Jewish people and win then to Jesus, or something like that. He said some valuable things and it’s interesting to look at some of the OT verses that point to Jesus but I just don’t like the idea of using the bible as ammunition. He said some valuable things but overall the night was average at best, just not what I expected I guess.

What do you think… Should we use the bible to “prove” Jesus? Should we carry it around as a loaded gun ready to fire it at any unbelieving person, especially a Jew?
There is just something about that that seems wrong to me, probably why I wasn’t so stoked on the Rabbi dude.

Oh well. I am still looking for a Rabbi friend to teach me everything Jewish. How cool would that be!!! I don’t even care if he or she is Messianic, I just want a friend who knows way more than me. Shouldn’t be to hard to find.