Final four in the midwest...

Well i am not sure if you noticed but approximately 10 posts ago i gave you my final four projection as March madness stated. Well today it starts!!! And incase you didn't notice i perfectly called the final four!

Florida   >    UCLA


Georgetown    >   Ohio State

I have Florida and Georgetown winning today to meet up in the championship game on Monday. There i have Georgetown taking it all.

No, this is not an early April fools joke this is the real deal. I am trying to figure something clever to do for an April fools joke tomorrow. So far no ideas. hmmm...

I have also found out one majorly lame thing about California,  they don't like basketball! I might have mentioned this before, i can't remember but it's true. California and basketball just don't go together so i am totally stoked to be in the almost (but not really) beautiful Midwest to watch these games. People are into it, it's actually madness!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Let the games begin