Chicago and a crummy day…


Chicago and a crummy day --- So I’m reading…

What is it with the weather and our human response? Why does sun trigger a smile and clouds trigger a depression as deep as the sea? I don’t understand it (and you don’t need you to explain the scientific explanations, I know their out there…) but despite my lack of understanding I sure can testify to it!

And despite the scientific explanations (that I don’t care to hear) I wonder if the universe is geared to bring all the crap of life into your lap on days when the clouds abound? I think it might be some kind of universal conspiracy theory. I like conspiracy theories, they make me feel like I can explain the crap of life; like waiting in lines or in gobs of traffic, or never having enough money, or… the list goes on but we’ll have to have a “conspiracy theory” post at a later date.

But yea, this day has made me feel like the universe is conspiring against me with all the anger of an ex-girlfriend reading your myspace about your amazing new girlfriend or something.

I tried to book plain ticket, hassle and a half! I looked at my bank account, worse than any horror flick in recent history!! And I can’t see the Sun because I just flew into Chicago!!! It’s about 20 degree, which is 28 degrees warmer than last time I was here (one + in a day of - - - - -) but still cold enough to freeze your nose hairs and hurt your inhaling process.

… so I’m reading! I have finish my most recent book by John Howard Yoder on pacifism (post pending) and now I have moved on to The Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto Che Guevara. So far it’s really an inspiring tail of a revolutionary in the making. I will share more about that in the days to come.

For now I am going to retreat to my books and try living in a warmer, sunnier, hope-filled word, if only while I hide this those pages.
(I probably need to read better books!)

Needing SUN!!!

PS: I am speaking at the Primetime Sr. High youth conference this weekend, that is something to be excited about for sure!
Pray for me and the students if you think about, or if you want to!