Banker to the poor...

A_bankerA book to change the world?


I am hearing some great things about the concepts and programs that were being implemented because of this book and it's author, founder of Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus.

So far i have read over half the book and watched a couple Youtube videos on Yunus, Grameen, and Micro-finance... i have to tell you I am totally convinced.

I heard of this book and program through Mars Hill Bible Church and Rob Bell. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for 3 days. I went to bed with this book title on my mind and woke up with it still there. So I went out and bought it. Immediately after the purchase of this book I rear ended a lady because I was trying to read the back sleeve of the book. Still not sure how much that is going to cost me. So far the book is completely worth it. But like I said, I don’t know how much her rear end is going to cost me.

I am going to try and finish this book soon and do a little more research on the Grameen Foundation, mainly for myself and my curiosity and desire to be apart of something that is provoking real change but I will let you in on my findings and attempt to do a little review of this book at the same time.

For some more info click on the link to the left. It’s a little tag that will take you to the Grameen Foundation website were you can find out a little more on your own. And let me know if you learn or know anything interesting pertaining to the topic at hand.

But check it out for sure!!!
Google Grameen and do a Youtube search. It’s worth the time!


PS: I put a little "badge" in the left column of my blog. It will take you to the Grameen foundation website so that you can check it out. SO CHECK IT OUT!!!