A little prayer with Phil…

I finally finished Philip Yancey’s book on prayer. I feel like it took me forever! But I’ll tell you what, it was worth it! The book was extremely good!

I have consistently been reading and studying prayer for the past year and a half. Just reading and thinking, being intentional about the subject being high on my priority list. I did this last year, for the whole year; reading, thinking, praying… just wanting to grow in this area of my life. But after a year I decided I needed A LOT more, so I am continuing to be intentional about this journey and praying the prayer (along with the disciples), “Jesus, teach me to pray.” So this book is a continuation of this journey.

I am not really good at book reviews, not sure I know how to write one but here are some of my thoughts:

{for a real review go here: This is Lauren Winter’s review on this book, she wrote a book called Real Sex, I hear good things ;-) and she teaches at Duke Divinity School, she is probably kinda smart. It’s a good review for sure. }

My thoughts are that this book is very BIG! I mean that in a few ways. First of all, Phil ( I like calling him Phil) covers about every aspect of prayer you can get your hands on in the Christian realm. That’s  good and bad. But despite the fact that this book is wide in it’s scope, it’s extremely strong in it’s content. Nowhere does the width jeopardize the depth which is impressive in my opinion. But Phil’s great writer, so there you have it.

Second, this book is really honest! He doesn’t only focus on the great answers of prayer, of the cliché “prayer is really for the pray-er” but is honest about the hard, brutal party of prayer and the joyful upside of prayer. I appreciate that honesty.

The other think I really appreciated about this book was the activist aspect. I have read a good number of prayer books and not many (if any that I can think of) really highlight the idea that prayer, real authentic prayer will activate the pray-er. Phil brings up this point, which was very confirming to me, now I know I am not crazy to think this and I think it’s a great point for those of us who seek to pray in our everyday rhythm of life.

There were a few other things but I will just let you read the book. And trust me, you should read this book!

Here are my top 5 books on prayer (so far)…
(in order influence, to me or course)

#1. Philip Yancey: Prayer; Does it really matter?

#2. Dallas Willard: Hearing God; Developing a conversational relationship with God.

#3. Tony Jones: Pray

#4. Kyle Lake: (RE)Understanding Prayer; A fresh approach to conversation with God.

#5. E.M. Bounds: His works on prayer

I could probably expand on why i like these but i will just leave it as is. There are all good for different reasons but these have all been benifical for me to read.